We are inviting contributions and responses from audience members and the general public to an online extension of the exhibition. Everyone can take part. Extend the project further by sharing your own memories of 31 June 1997, as well as your thoughts about the handover and its consequences. Submit your memory in texts, images, videos, audios and other media via the "File Upload" function, your memory will be posted as blog format in anonymised name on the site.

​我們現邀請觀眾和廣大的公眾以在線延伸參與展覽。希望通過此渠道給每個人創造機會,分享自己對於1997年6月31日的回憶,以及他們對回歸以及後續的想法,以進一步擴大項目。通過「File Upload」功能,以文字、圖像、影像、音像或其他媒介提交你的回憶。你的回憶會以匿名身份及日記形式發表於本網站。

Share your memories of
31 June 1997
via the "File Upload" button below↓↓↓

*** By submitting material you are acknowledging that you own copyright in it and agree to allow your contributions to be shared with the public both now and in any future presentations of the 31 June 1997 project, including potentially in offline or print form. Thanks for your participation!