David Clarke
Memories of 31 June 1997
digital video with sound
1 hour 15 minutes and 23 seconds (looped)

David Clarke
Experiencing Transition (31 June 1997)  
digital video (silent)
5 minutes and 39 seconds (looped)

David Clarke   
The Queen in Hong Kong    

inkjet print from photocopy of image
of a colonial era Hong Kong coin  
15 (H) x 15 (W) inches

David Clarke   

Prince Charles in transit    

inkjet print from photocopy after photograph  15 (H) x 10.5 (W) inches

Oscar Ho
Stories around Town

One Day Paradise



eight drawings on paper
21 (H) x 15 (W) cm


I worked on a series of drawings entitled ‘Stories around Town’ from early 1990s to July 1, 1997. Based on local myths, collected stories mixed with personal fabrication, the series is a record witnessing how an anxious, nervous city has been gradually falling apart. This series of drawings of ‘One Day Paradise’ is an extension of the ‘Stories around Town’ series, recording the day after the British left and before the Chinese came.



Xu Xi
The transubstantiation of the ants    

Original short fiction,
presented as a wall text and in pamphlet form   
wall text: 59.4 (H) x 84.1 (W) cm
pamphlet: 21(H) x 14.8 (W) cm


Exhibition View of 31 June 1997 

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2. Pretty morning 靚靚早晨

The next morning, I woke up to go to work. When I opened the door, I found it was nice and sunny out there. Gentle wind was blowing, it didn’t like summer. It was more like early autumn in September. People were nice and happy on the streets, saying hi to each other. Some were reading newspapers under the sun. It was a peaceful landscape. 第二朝起身番工,打開門出面陽光普照,重有一陣陣涼風,唔似夏天,似初秋九月多D。唔知點解D人好似好開心,同人打招呼,或者喺度睇報紙享受陽光,一片祥和。