30 June 1997 was the last day on which British sovereignty over Hong Kong was exercised, and 1 July 1997 was the first day on which China resumed sovereignty over the territory. This project concerns 31 June 1997, an imaginary 'independence day’ between these two sovereignties.  It addresses a constellation of related issues, including spatial and temporal liminality; the Hong Kong handover (at the moment of its twentieth anniversary); memory (and false memory syndrome); localism, independence, autonomy and identity; the methods of historical research (including oral history); ‘fake news’ and ‘post-truth politics’; and the reliability of evidence. The exhibition features videos, prints and wall texts by David Clarke, as well as contributions prepared specially on the 31 June 1997 theme by two guest artists: Oscar Ho Hing-kay has contributed a sequence of drawings, and creative writer Xu Xi has written a piece of short fiction titled ‘The transubstantiation of the ants’. The exhibition is curated by Isaac Leung.
Contributions to this project by audience members are welcomed. Please check the ‘Audience Contributions’  tab to view contributions and to add your own memories of 31 June 1997. 

1997年6月30日是英國對香港的主權行使的最後一天,而1997年7月1日是中國恢復對領土主權的第一天。項目關切1997年6月31日,是兩個主權之間虛構的「獨立日」。它針對一系列的相關問題,包括空間與時間的閾態;香港回歸(在二十周年的時刻);記憶(和偽記憶症候群);本土主、獨立、自治,以及身分自主和身分;研究歷史的方法(包括口述歷史);「假新聞」以及「後真相政治」; 以及證據的可信性。展覽包括祈大衛的影像、印刷品、與牆上的文本,以及藝術家何慶基和創意作家許素細受邀為1997年6月31日準備的作品:何慶基呈獻了8幅一系列有關聯的畫作,而許素細呈獻了一套全新的小說作品,名為「The transubstantiation of the ants」。展覽由梁學彬策展。歡迎觀眾投稿參與這個項目,請查閱 'Audience Contributions' 分頁觀看觀眾的投稿及添加你對1997年6月31日的回憶。

Date 日期 : 
30 June - 30 July 2017 (Mon 星期一 - Sat 星期六)

Time 時間 : 
12:00 - 19:00

Opening 開幕  : 
29 June, 18:30 - 20:30

Address 地址  : 
Videotage, Unit 13, Cattle Depot Artist Village,
63 Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan

Artist 藝術家:
David Clarke 祈大衛

Guest Artists 客席藝術家:
Oscar Ho Hing-kay 何慶基
Xu Xi 許素細


Curator 策展人

Isaac Leung 梁學彬 

​Supported by 資助